Design, Manufacturing, and Servicing

HTE Engineering is your gateway to the Chinese hydroelectric generation equipment market and its manufacturers. With over 50 years of experience in supplying more than 1,000 hydro turbine and generator sets world-wide, HTE and its partners have mastered the latest manufacturing and testing technology of hydroelectric generating equipment.

Our interagency and massive hydropower manufacturing capacity provides cost-effective and schedule-compliant solutions that address the financial needs of your project. We deliver a complete range of solutions:

  • Turbine selection and engineering design.
  • Custom designing and manufacturing – we build equipment to your exact specifications.
  • Strict QA/QC procedures during manufacturing and installation.
  • Lab scale testing capabilities based on industrial standards and client specifications.
  • Highly efficient, exceptionally reliable equipment with quick and simple installation and minimized maintenance costs.
  • On-site engineering services for installation and commissioning.
  • Operation and maintenance training.
  • Complete documentation of installation instruction, O&M manual, and contract drawings.
  • US-based service center for part supply and maintenance.



Hydro Turbine Francis Turbine, Kaplan Turbine, Bulb Turbine, Pelton Turbine, Pump-Turbine, Cross-flow Turbine.

Hydro Generator Water-cooling hydro generator, air-cooling hydro generator, Bulb hydro generator

Control Equipment Governor System, Excitation System, Hydraulic Power Devices, Automatic Components

Valves Spherical Valve, Butterfly Valve, Pressure-regulating Valve


QA/QC Procedure

  • Reviewing material, manufacturing, and testing standards (USA, China, International)
  • Submitting/Approving Manufacturing QA/QC Plan
  • Organizing mechanical performance tests (turbine), electric performance tests (generator), stability tests, noise tests, pressure tests, and field tests
  • Auditing the manufacturing facility, design center, and hydroelectric plants
  • Third party auditing process
  • Performance guarantee

Primary Equipment

We manufacture hydropower units (<100 MW) for the American market with the most advanced equipment in the world:

  • Digital double-column 15 meter vertical lathe
  • Digital 12 meter horizontal lathe
  • Digital face (-plate) lathe
  • Digital Φ 220 double-column floor type borer
  • 2500mmX8000mm heavy planning machine
  • Digital 3-D milling machine for runner blade
  • 20 Ton Slotter
  • Digital linear cutting machine
  • 1,000 ton hydraulic press
  • 800 ton punch, and more

List of QA/QC Testing Equipment

Withstand voltage test rig Hardness tester

High-potential test breakdown device Digital frequency-conversion gauge

Moisture & thermal testing device Digital complicated meter

Dynamic balancer Large-size projecting gauge

Hydraulic testing device Universal tool microscope

Water pressure testing device Laser measuring gauge

Material testing device Ultrasonic detector

Magnetic-particle detector Infrared C.S analyzer

X-Ray detector Dynamic balance testing device