About Us

Hydropower is the most affordable form of renewable energy.  HTE Engineering is your gateway to the massive Chinese hydropower construction industry and its equipment manufacturers.

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HTE Engineering and its partners are known for supplying hydropower equipment and providing engineering and construction support for hydropower projects across North America. We have manufactured and installed more than 1,000 hydro turbine and hydro generator sets worldwide, and are a recognized, award-winning industry leader in the field of hydropower equipment manufacturing and construction. HTE is also a leading rubber dam equipment supplier in North and South America.  Our manufacturing team has installed over 1,200 rubber dam systems worldwide, and we are actively leading the rubber dam industry in the Americas.


Our vision is to be the rubber dam and hydroelectric equipment supplier of choice in North and South America, including manufacturing and supplying rubber dams, hydro turbines, generators, turbine shutoff valves, and control equipment for small and medium-sized hydropower projects.


i.    Serve communities and clients by providing the highest quality and most efficient equipment available.

ii.   Achieve 100% customer satisfaction through our commitment to reliable, cost-effective solutions, and building life-long relationships with our customers.

iii. Partner with stakeholders, employees, customers, vendors, service providers, local communities, and governments to achieve goals.

iv.  Conduct business with the highest ethical standards.

Core Capabilities:

i.    Hydro turbine, hydro generator, and control equipment manufacturing

ii.   Rubber dam design, manufacturing, and construction

iii.  Engineering and construction support for hydropower projects