Dorena Lake Dam Hydroelectric Project

The Dorena Lake Dam is located on the Row River near the town of Cottage Grove in western Oregon. The reservoir created by the dam is known as Dorena Lake.

The Dorena Lake Dam was completed by the US Army Corps of Engineers in 1949. The brand new powerhouse at this site accommodates one 6.1 MW vertical, double-regulated Kaplan unit and one 1.41 MW horizontal Francis unit both supplied by HTE Engineering, A 1,400 mm butterfly valve- used as a turbine shutoff valve – and a 6 ft (H) x 39 ft (L) rubber dam were also supplied by HTE Engineering for this project.

The design flow at this site is 812 cubic feet per second, and the net hydraulic head range is 42 – 105 feet. This project will be on-line in August 2014.