Pelton Turbines

HTE Engineering and its partners have had the opportunity to provide Pelton turbines all over the world, with sizes ranging from 260 kW to 500 MW.

The Pelton turbine is a very efficient type of impulse turbine, and was developed by Lester A. Pelton (1829 – 1908) in the 1870’s as a result of his observations of early gold- mining operations in California.

The Pelton turbine consists of many curved buckets situated around the outer perimeter of the runner wheel.  Pelton wheels may be designed using a wide range of different diameters.  Depending on the diameter of the runner, one or more forceful jets of water strike the wheel, transferring the water’s momentum to the wheel, and causing the wheel to turn.

Pelton turbines are ideal for medium to high-head situations.  They are able to maintain high efficiency over a wide flow range.  The Pelton wheel may be mounted on either a horizontal or a vertical axis.